Art & Science of Sound

Looking to get something special for that audiophile friend or family member? Look no further! You can pick up your copy of Alan’s book “Art & Science of Sound” right here.

ProSound Interview

Interview: Alan Parsons on George Martin, Dark Side of the Moon and the Art and Science of Sound Recording… Read More…

Interview at Google

I can see that my place of refuge will be getting quite a substantial workout in the next few weeks. This was an excellent usage of 53 minutes of my valuable time… thanks very much Wesley Chun…Watch

Alan Parsons To Give AES Keynote Address

On Thursday, October 9, 2014, the 137th Audio Engineering Society Convention at the Los Angeles Convention Center in Los Angeles will feature a keynote address from Alan Parsons, the acclaimed engineer, musician, and record producer. Read more…

AXS.com – “For music legend Alan Parsons, no project too daunting”

Ignorance may be bliss. But there’s a lot to be said for exploring the untold mysteries of the universe. You just never know what savory morsels of erudition are right under your nose waiting for the chance to amaze and astound. One need look no further than music icon Alan Parsons. Read more…

LPs now available

The “On Air” LP is now available here “Time Machine” is now available here