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Digitally remastered version including booklet with rare photos and liner notes from Eric Woolfson and Alan Parsons.

Includes 7 unreleased alternate mixes and demos.

Originally released in 1979.


  1. Lucifer
  2. You Lie Down With Dogs
  3. I’d Rather Be A Man
  4. You Won’t Be There
  5. Winding Me Up
  6. Damned If I Do
  7. Don’t Hold Back
  8. Secret Garden
  9. If I Could Change Your Mind
  10. Elsie’s Theme From The Sicilian Defense (The Project The Never Was)
  11. Lucifer (Demo)
  12. Secret Garden (Rough Mix)
  13. Damned If I Do (Rough Mix)
  14. Don’t Hold Back (Vocal Rehearsal Rough Mix)
  15. Lucifer (Early Rough Mix)
  16. If I Could Change Your Mind (Rough Mix)

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