Fri, Sep 27, 19

Night of the proms is a cultural phenomenon – this event is special in more than one way.

A big symphonic orchestra including choir is presenting classical hits, supported by a rock band and pop artists. This combination forms a unique experience for the audience as well as the musicians.

In each country special guests/national musicians are joining the orchestra and choir on stage, as well as one classical instrument, respectively one exceptional artist.

Night of the proms provides a wide range of entertainment on a very high level with a terrific sound. This leads to 85% of the audience attending more than once and bringing friends and family with them.

‘Whoever says that classical music has to be stiff and serious is wrong’ says Jan Vereecke, producer and founder of NIGHT OF THE PROMS. ‘We are breaking most rules of a classical concert since more than 26 years now, and every concert is celebrated by so many people, that we are sure we are doing the right thing’ says Dirk Hohmeyer, German producer and promoter of the proms. ‘More than 6 million people experienced classical music with Night of the Proms, who may never want to visit a classical concert in the first place’. As the audience knows the songs, the atmosphere is exciting – everyone sings along.

‘Our Credo is: the best in 300 years of popular music’ Hohmeyer explains. Neither the genre, nor the composer plays a decisive role. Music is performed, music that inspires and that was popular during its time. Paired with the classical element, this is the mix that makes Night of the Proms so special.