Mon, Nov 14, 22

In a year that has been plagued by tour cancellations and delays due to various restrictions and illnesses, we were all looking forward to finally getting back out on the road this month. Having now recovered from my recent spinal surgery just enough to get out on stage, we made our way toward Salt Lake City and Denver to perform our two remaining shows for the year. 

Unfortunately, the November 10th show in Salt Lake was marred by a serious illness which suddenly came upon our world class keyboard player Tom Brooks. Along with being a magnificent orchestral arranger and conductor which you can see and hear for yourself on our recent Blu-ray release "One Note Symphony: Live in Tel Aviv," Tom of course is responsible for re-creating our trademark keyboard sound live.

Somehow, Tom managed to make it through all but 3 of the songs from our first set before the Salt Lake City EMT’s arrived and safely transported him to the hospital, where he is currently in stable condition. He will be flown back to his hometown in California as soon as he is able to make the trek.

The incredible musicianship of the rest of our band allowed us to get through the remainder of the performance. We are indebted to the amazing crowd at the Maverick Center in Salt Lake that provided us with massive love and support. A replacement keyboardist is currently on route from California and will meet us in Denver for tonight’s final show of the year at the Paramount Theatre.

Tom and I want to thank everyone for the heartfelt thoughts, prayers and words of encouragement. during this difficult time.