Tyson Leonard began to hone his skills as an electronic music producer and audio mixer upon returning to California in 1998 after a couple years in Boston at the Berklee College of Music. Tyson, a lifelong violinist was dedicated to a life in music in the studio on both sides of the glass, and on the road as a musician and audio engineer.

In 2010 Tyson began touring as Front of House and Production Manager for Jeff Bridges and his band. In 2015 Tyson began touring Europe, the Middle East, and the Americas with renowned Producer, Engineer, and
Band leader, Alan Parsons, as a violinist and Front of House/ Production Manager.

Tyson’s own music ambitions led him to create the live electronic group/solo project, Tropo, with releases on Jumpsuit Records.   Tropo has been making the rounds at festivals all over the western states, and has collaborated in the studio with, to name a few, The Polish Ambassador, Wildlight, and Ayla Nereo, also of Jumpsuit Records.

Tyson’s life has always been grounded in music and the arts. He gives back when and where he can as a teacher and instructor to inspire the next generation.